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Welcome to Polyamory Party the largest polyamory dating website. Hundreds of thousands of polyamorous people are waiting for you to meet them. On our website you can chat with them and share your love and sexual interests. To participate in polyamory, or even get involved with the polyamorous community, you must be open and happy about all kinds of love. This means being able to love both your own spouse and a partner, and others. However, you do not have to love your spouse, partner, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner; polyamory doesn't mean you have to. Polyamory is about being able to love someone for all of who they are and you can do that with someone of your own gender, if you want to. It is not about only loving one person and cutting off any relationship with your other partner that you may have. A polyamorous relationship is one that is based on honesty, openness and respect. Partners are willing to go out of their way for each other and they should treat each other with kindness and respect. This is a special kind of love that only exists in polyamorous relationships. A polyamorous relationship is not for everyone. If you have a partner and it's not working out, leaving them and/or leaving polyamory is not something to be ashamed of. If it's not working out you should leave your relationship. Polyamory is not about cheating on your partner. Polyamory is not about being out to the world as polyamorous. Being polyamorous does not mean that you have an open relationship with the partners you are involved with. Many polyamorous people are in monogamous relationships and in many polyamorous relationships, everyone is happy with their relationship, their sexuality and their personal lives. You are allowed to love two people in your life at the same time. Some people even go further and choose to love more than one person. Polyamory is about finding love in all its different forms. It is not about having to give up on one person to love someone else. This is the lifestyle where people who are in unhappy relationships, people who are bisexual, gay or straight can find love and relationships that make them happy. Many people enter into polyamorous relationships because they are searching for love in a world that tends to judge and looks down on people who are different. People who are lesbian, gay, bi-curious or heterosexual often feel that the only options for them are to remain single and never find love, or to keep up a relationship that may be hurting them or cause them to be hurt.